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SqlServerExtensions is a project which extends the Sql Server 2008 by useful functions.
This Extensions are implemented via the CLR runtime of the Sql Server 2008.

A lot of functionality that saves time is integrated in this projekt.

For further information take a look at the documentation page

The following operations are implemented:

File operations

  • DbExt.Dir - returns a directory listing
  • DbExt.FileCopy - copies a file
  • DbExt.FileDelete - deletes a file
  • DbExt.FileExists - check if file exists
  • DbExt.FileMove - moves a file
  • DbExt.FileRename - renames a file
  • DbExt.FileReadAllText - reads a complete file into a variable
  • DbExt.FileWriteAllText - writes a variable into a file
  • DbExt.FileReadAllLines - reads a complete file into a table with line numbers

Network Operations

  • DbExt.ShareConnect - maps a share to a drive letter
  • DbExt.ShareDisconnect - disconnects a mapped drive letter

String operations

  • DbExt.CSV - aggregates a column to list seperated by @Seperator
  • DbExt.Split - splits a comma seperated list into a table
  • DbExt.LPad - fill the padding char to the left up to length
  • DbExt.RPad - fill the padding char to the right up to length
  • DbExt.SubStr - cuts a complete string from a given start index and returns this
  • DbExt.Remove - removes parts of a string
  • DbExt.TrimStart - trims leading characters of a string
  • DbExt.TrimEnd - trims trailing characters of a string
  • DbExt.StartsWith - check if a string starts with a given filter
  • DbExt.EndsWith - check if a string ends with a given filter
  • DbExt.Contains - check if a string contains a given filter

Helper operations

  • DbExt.Version - returns the current installed version of the SqlServerExtensions

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